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Dormiunt aliquando leges, nunquam moriuntur.
Ubi jus incertum, ibi jus nullum. Nimia certitudo certitudinem ipsam destruit.

Find an English lawyer in China

I'm Herbert ZHANG ZhiYong, an English speaking Chinese lawyer. Based in Beijing, my practice has no regional restriction in accordance with the laws on lawyers.

You can write to me at this email address: 965OO262O@qq.com, please note that there are three zeroes in the account and please do not forget to replace the O'es with 0'es before you send me an email. Otherwise you will only receive an error report.

You can call me at +86 1391O293O18 and if you use WeChat, my account is AttOpen.

This site is mainly in Chinese. Some contents are in English and some French.



Chinese Laws

All the laws currently in force in Chinese